Smudging is an ancient way of cleansing, purifying, and blessing. You can smudge yourself, objects, spaces, and use it to offer prayers. Traditionally you start by placing a few leaves of sage in abalone shell bowl and lighting the sage with a wooden match. Next you would take a feather, usually a turkey feather, and put out the flame with the wind from the feather, you do not want to touch the flame to the feather as it would burn. Once the flame is out the sacred smoke will spiral up from the bowl using the feather, not your hand you disburse the smoke over self, object or space. Intention the cleansing, purification and blessing that you are facilitating.

img_2237Intentions are very important, as you cleanse away what no longer belongs, you’re purifying and blessing with Spirit to bring in what you want. Always ask for it to be for your highest good (or that person’s if it’s not you) and for the good of all. Bringing a sacred balance to the blessing.

Afterwards, once the ashes have cooled, you can take them outside and bury them in the soil, returning them to Earth Mother. Do this with loving gratitude for the service they have provided and to the Earth growing them for you!

You will feel that your cleansing & blessing ritual has come full circle. Be proud!

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