Sage Smudge


Sage is a sacred ceremonial herb that purifies and blesses. She brings in that what is necessary and and connects with the direction of the South and with the Feminine. She is wonderful for use before and after meditation or Journeying to help you cleanse for the movements between the worlds. Use this herb to purify, bless and raise the vibration of yourself and others, body, mind, and soul, as well as a space and sacred tools.

Take a moment and connect with the Spirit of Sage, ask her to help you purify, bless, and bring in that which is necessary. When you are done, thank her for her help and return the ashes to Earth Mother.

Sage for this purpose should be burned in a fire safe bowl or shell and the smoke, once the flame goes out, is what purifies.

Please see the Wisdom page for more information on smudging.

*Feather Not Included

Approximately 1 oz. Sage Smudge



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