Sacred Spirit Living Tank


There is much sacredness within the artwork of the logo for Sacred Spirit Living. Every time it is put out into the world it shines with the intention of this conscious lifestyle brand.  It is inspiring and empowering sacred connections, leading others deep within and honoring inner truth.

When you wear your SSL tank it serves as way to remind you of your sacred path and inspire others to do the same! The beautifully intentional artwork includes sacred sage, smudge smoke, hawk feather and a radiant quartz crystal. Sending those amazing vibes out everywhere you go has never been easier!

To kick up your connection you can use this affirmation. First find a quiet space and set aside some time for this. I find it helpful to use sacred smudge before hand to cleanse our energetic field and body prior to entering into prayer and meditation. “ With Gratitude and Love, I ask that I am guided on my sacred path in this life while empowering others to do the same. May this be in balance for my greater good and the greater good of all! Thank you.”


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