Palo Santo Smudge


Take a moment and connect with the Spirit of Palo Santo, ask for it to help you bless, heal and call in sacred Ancestors. When you are done smudging , thank Palo Santo for the help and return the ashes to the Earth Mother.

Our Palo Santo sticks are shorter at 2 inches long, carefully light one end and allow to go out and the smoke then rises and purifies. For this purpose it should be burned in fire safe bowl or shell.

Please see the Wisdom page for more information on smudging.

Approximately 1 .oz Palo Santo



Palo Santo is a sacred ceremonial herb that was mainly used in South American cultures for healing and cleansing. It is beautifully fragrant and brings a holy vibration when used in smudging. Palo Santo also called “holy wood” calls and brings in sacred Ancestors into your ceremony. It can be particularly helpful when doing any ancestral healing, or past life work. When meditating and using Palo Santo you can connect with the powerful energy of the drumming of the ancestors, allow yourself to be calm, connect and listen to it.


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