Crystal Radiance Tank


Set your intention for what you want to radiate out into the world with this tank top. Quartz crystals can be programmed with intentions and they naturally amplify energy. You will notice the radiant crystal design is purposefully arranged to be over your heart center. Reminding us that our truest intentions come from the heart, the heart also is where we connect with Spirit and Creator.

Once you have received your Radiant Crystal Tank, find a quiet space and set aside some time to intention it. I find it helpful to use sacred smudge before hand to cleanse our energetic field and body prior to entering into prayer and meditation. Ask yourself what does my heart and true self want to radiate out into the world? Some wonderful intentions would be love, peace, joy, relief, laughter, and healing. Once you find the intention, complete the process with this affirmation. “ May I shine my true heart intentions and send them out into this world every time I wear this piece of clothing. May my intentions be in balance for my greater good and the greater good of all. I am grateful for this loving connection to Spirit. Thank you.” Please then visualize your intentions going into the center crystal of the design.

You are now even more equipped to shine your light into the world!

*Crystal and feather not included


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