I am here to help you awaken, and connect with the truly magnificent being you are.

Healing sessions at Sacred Spirit Living are focused on bringing balance and deep healing through connection to your true self and the sacredness within.

While Sacred Spirit Living and I are deeply entwined in Shamanic practice and Native American Spiritualism, these sessions are non-denominational and celebrate spiritual diversity. I work closely with many sacred Deities and Guides, including the Plant, Animal, Faerie and Angelic Kingdoms.


Each healing session is unique. The process is intuitively-guided by the messages that I receive from Spiritual Guides. The co-creation takes place by your participation in the healing. This may include guided visualizations, breathing techniques, and affirmations.

After your healing session, you, just like many other clients have felt, may feel more aligned, grounded, balanced, renewed, connected, vibrant, and in tune with yourself. You will also be given suggestions or tools on continuing the work and healing that took place in the session, which has been found by many clients to be very helpful in this co-creative healing.

Ready to feel more grounded, aligned, & renewed?