Thursday, November 10th  |  7:30-9pm

Workshop at Ritual Ritual
819 N. 2nd st, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Smudging is the ancient ritual of using the smoke of ceremonial herbs to cleanse, bless & purify energetically.

In this workshop, you will learn how to work with sage, palo santo, cedar and their sacred smoke to clear that which does not serve you. Not only does smudging take the energetic trash out, but it raises your vibration! We will also cover using smudging skills to cleanse your favorite objects, space & friends.

Sacred Smoke is facilitated by Shaman, healer, & intuitive channel, Josephina. She’s the founder of Sacred Spirit Living, and is dedicated to helping others access a deeper level of connection to the sacred within, changing the planet, one Rainbow Warrior at a time.