• Why “SMUDGE STICKS” are not ideal…

    I’ve been seeing quite a bit of “smudge sticks” around for sale. Although beautifully made, they are not energetically as practical as they seem. For example you would probably not want to keep the ashes of what you have intentioned to cleanse away in prior situations still stuck to the new sacred herbs you plan to use in further cleansings and blessings. With these smudge sticks, that is what’s happening. If that is the only way you can get a hold of your smudging herbs, then I recommend, as I have in the past, breaking it apart and taking what I need for that one time use. Sometimes you’ve got to use what you can get and Spirit understands that!


    How do I begin?

    Receiving animal messages starts with opening your heart, it’s always best do this while grounded. Then ask your guide(s) from your heart to please send you messages via animals in your physical life and for you to be able to see and understand them. It’s best to be clear and specific about what you are looking for, always asking with gratitude and respect. Now you pay attention, whether you are hiking, taking a break at work, or just looking out of the window at home, see who comes to visit. You will be pleasantly surprised at the magical messaged you may receive after setting this intention. When Spirit sends messages they will have a significance to them, and you will start to learn to feel this and it will grow in familiarity to you on your path.

  • Grounding Basics

    Grounding in its basic form is connecting a bit deeper with the energy of Earth Mother. To really feel this easily I like to put my bare feet on the ground outside, on the grass or moss, bare soil works wonderfully too! Feel yourself growing roots as the plants do into the ground, they slowly move though the soil, around the rocks, deeper and deeper. Feel your feet they now feel firmly grounded in the Earth, now ask the rest of your body to connect with this grounding, and ask for it to be in balance and for your highest good. This will get easier with practice.

  • Smudging

    Smudging is an ancient way of cleansing, purifying, and blessing. You can smudge yourself, objects, spaces, and use it to offer prayers. Traditionally you start by placing a few leaves of sage in abalone shell bowl and lighting the sage with a wooden match. Next you would take a feather, usually a turkey feather, and put out the flame with the wind from the feather, you do not want to touch the flame to the feather as it would burn. Once the flame is out the sacred smoke will spiral up from the bowl using the feather, not your hand you disburse the smoke over self, object or space. Intention the cleansing, purification and blessing that you are facilitating.

    img_2237Intentions are very important, as you cleanse away what no longer belongs, you’re purifying and blessing with Spirit to bring in what you want. Always ask for it to be for your highest good (or that person’s if it’s not you) and for the good of all. Bringing a sacred balance to the blessing.

    Afterwards, once the ashes have cooled, you can take them outside and bury them in the soil, returning them to Earth Mother. Do this with loving gratitude for the service they have provided and to the Earth growing them for you!

    You will feel that your cleansing & blessing ritual has come full circle. Be proud!

  • Plant trees with Sacred Spirit Living!

    sacred-spirit-living-reforestation-initiatives-icon-e1451530716851You might notice at the bottom right of site, with a little seedling illustration, we mention how a portion of all proceeds are donated to reforestation in different parts of the world.

    I am extremely passionate about preserving our planet, Earth Mother, including reforestation efforts and saving wildlife and their habitats. I cannot express enough the voice of our Earth and how she needs our help. That is why anytime there is session or a item purchased from Sacred Spirit Living it will help this necessary cause.

    I hope to inspire all of you in creating and continuing additional environmental efforts on your own as well.  This is a huge part of sacred living. When you start to feel and see the divine interconnectedness of all life on this planet and how special that is, it sparks a reverence in your heart and soul.  Imagine what our planet would be like if everyone could see Creator in all living beings, and acted accordingly. Everything would be more cooperative, we are here to bring about this shift in the spirit of Love, Honor, and Respect for all living beings. Aho!

    With Love and Gratitude,

  • Welcome to my life’s work.

    ssl-primary-logo-color-72dpiI started this conscious lifestyle brand in late 2015 knowing that this work is what my soul has been leading me towards in this life. Although in ways decades in the making, I am so happy to share that Sacred Spirit Living is ready to emerge in the beginning of this new year of 2016!

    I have been intensely studying and deepening my relationship with myself, my Spiritual Guides, and these ancient wisdoms for almost a decade now. Meanwhile having a successful career in Finance, I am very grateful for the knowledge and experience I have acquired, yet I know this is not my ultimate path in this life.

    The guidance I had been receiving from Spirit indicated that my Divinely guided work would be leaning more towards a lifestyle and healing that I would help facilitate for others. Making the ancient and sacred accessible in these modern times, by being the axis where the two converge.

    The name Sacred Spirit Living, finally came through one day while trying to find that feeling in a name, nothing felt appropriate and suddenly it came to me… Sacred Spirit Living! I searched the domain name, it was available! My heart lit up, my soul knew this was the right one, I gave a quick thanks to Spirit for providing the insight and I purchased the domain. Having owned it for almost a year now, I had been waiting for the right time. 2015 has been a crazy year for me and my family, (I will go into all that another time,)I remember it being around September and I felt from Spirit that it needed to be by the end of the year. That was the message, both I and Sacred Spirit Living needed to emerge at that time. I didn’t know where to turn with anything, the website, branding etc. Suddenly, once again I received insight and followed it. I was led back to the graphic designer that had designed the logo for my husband’s business a year earlier. Both Autumn and her company, Secretary Deluxe, were perfect for the job. Soon after, Autumn and I got started on the logo and branding portion of the project. The logo is exactly what I imagined, it has silvery sage, rainbowy clear quartz, sacred smudge smoke and a magnificent hawk feather! She has put so much hard work and soul into Sacred Spirit Living, I cannot thank Autumn enough! Also I am delighted to add that we have developed an awesome cross country friendship in working together on this project!

    You will notice on the website, at this time, a bit of an emphasis on the in person healing sessions. However, my mission is to help spread this knowledge, and these sacred connections throughout the world. To help do that, there will be more products added as the brand moves forward that will help you connect and grow with this sacred way of living no matter where you are located! So stay tuned and check back there is much more to come!

    With Love and Gratitude,