Hey! I’m Josephina, a Shaman, healer, intuitive channel and the founder
of Sacred Spirit Living. I specialize in sacred energetic practices and healing, helping others to heal with balance and connect with themselves on a deeper level. For the better part the last decade, I have immersed myself in journeying back to my Soul’s purpose and strengthening my connection to Spirit.

As a Nature Intuitive, I’ve built many of my practices around Shamanism, using my ability to navigate and walk between the physical and non-physical worlds. I have found resonance within Native American Spirituality and the Red Road, which seamlessly integrated with my connection to Earth Mother and Nature Spirits, as well as the Plant, Animal, Faerie and Angelic Kingdoms. I honor all walks of life and Sacred Deities, interweaving natural, spiritual, and energetic across cultural barriers. I acknowledge that they are all connected through the Sacred and Divine, as we are all connected; with them, and everything and everyone around us.

“I am here to help you awaken, and connect
with the truly magnificent being you are.”

From a young age, I quickly gravitated toward my connection with Spirit and my intuition, often finding myself seeking solace in nature with animals, Faeries, trees and flowers. Through a tumultuous adolescence I searched high and low for my true self, finding a purposeful resonation with energy healing as I developed relationships with my Spirit Guides. Ultimately, I have been able to purposefully transform life’s obstacles into milestones rather than barriers.

I understand the lessons of my path with gratitude, being led by my own truth and connection to Divinity as I help inspire, empower, and heal others, bringing them closer to their truth. I am dedicated to continually expanding my wisdom and knowledge in this work, while progressing my evolution as a Shamanic Healer.

Though my work with Sacred Spirit Living, a Conscious Lifestyle Brand, I aim to bring accessibility to this deeper level of connection with Spirit, Self, and Sacred Wisdom.

Always having the deepest reverence for the living and breathing entity that is Earth, I am passionate about preserving Earth’s natural resources, and the welfare of animals and their habitats. A portion of all Sacred Spirit Living proceeds will be donated towards reforestation in different parts of the world.